My mother worked the night shift the majority of her career. Ya know why? Because she liked it.

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Some people just aren’t “morning people” or “early risers”. They like starting their workday in the afternoon. They are productive at midnight. When I worked in the hospitality industry, we gave second and third shift employees perks that other employees didn’t get. One of them was a condensed workweek. Night shift employees worked four 10-hour shifts; everyone else worked five 8-hour shifts.

This infographic (click to enlarge) from Mercer shares some of the benefits and restrictions associated with working nights. I did find it interesting to learn that some countries do not permit women to work nights.

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Do you offer special benefits for employees who work nights? Let us know in the comments.


How To Look Business Professional in Jeans – #DenimDay

by Sharlyn Lauby on August 28, 2014

Next month – on Friday, October 3 – thousands of organizations will participate in one of the largest cause marketing efforts of all time. Since 1996, Lee National Denim Day has raised close to $100 million for the fight against breast cancer.

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The fundraiser is simple. For a $5 donation, employees get to wear denim to work. Some companies give employees the chance to donate money. Others will make the donation on behalf of their employees. The funds that are raised help the American Cancer Society find new ways to detect, prevent, and cure breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society’s efforts have contributed to a 34% drop in breast cancer deaths. But more work is absolutely necessary. One in eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.

Last year, I shared with you some ideas for bringing denim day into your organization. This year, I wanted to do something a bit different. I don’t consider myself a fashionista but I do follow fashion trends. This fall appears to be all about denim.

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I know sometimes we can be apprehensive to wear denim to the office because it might be perceived as less professional. Even when it’s for a worthwhile cause. So I wanted to share some great tips from Lee jeans about wearing denim to work.

Denim doesn’t have to always be pants. Not interested in wearing jean pants? Then don’t! Denim comes in all sorts of clothing. A denim shirt with dress slacks. I know lots of guys who would add a tie to the look. Or a denim jacket over a dress.

Dark denim is a classic. Save the distressed denim for the weekend. Dark colored denim gives a sophisticated look.

Shoes matter. Sneakers are not the only shoes that go with denim. Heels, sandals, dress shoes, etc. Your shoes can make the difference between professional and a little too casual.

Finish your look. Just because you’re wearing denim doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look put together. Add a classic navy blazer or a dressy cardigan. Don’t forget accessories like scarves and belts. Style your look, just like any other office day.

These tips apply to both ladies and gentlemen. It is possible to support a great cause, look professional, and have some fun at the same time. In fact, to prove the point, Lee jeans sent me some denim and has offered to send one lucky reader some too. Just in time for Denim Day. All you need to do is leave a comment on what kind of denim you’d like to wear. (I’ll select a name at random on September 3rd and post the winner in the comments.)

I hope you will join thousands of other organizations by registering your company to participate in Lee National Denim Day on Friday, October 3, 2014. Take casual to a whole new level for a great cause.


Simplifying Human Resources to Engage Employees

August 26, 2014

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is sponsored by our friends at Ultimate Software, a leading provider of people management solutions. They recently earned recognition from the site G2Crowd as a Leader in the HR software space based upon their high customer satisfaction scores. Congratulations! Enjoy the post.) There’s a very interesting debate happening in human resources […]

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10 Soft Skills Every Employee Needs to Know

August 24, 2014

In the workplace, skills are typically broken down into two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are defined as specific, teachable actions that can be defined and measured. Examples include the ability to use a particular software, arithmetic, or accounting. Soft skills are traits or qualities that make someone a good employee or […]

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Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – August 2014

August 22, 2014

I’m dedicating this month to the new world of work. We talk quite often about different skills we need to learn but I’m finding emerging businesses whose mission will change the way we think about work. Activehours is a new way to get paid. No more waiting around for the next paycheck. It’s a very […]

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How to Be Your Company’s Change Agent

August 21, 2014

One of the roles we attach to human resources is the role of “change agent”. HR needs to help their organizations manage change. It makes sense. Business is changing all the time – new innovations, new expectations, etc. Recently, it has occurred to me that if we want to be successful as a change agent, […]

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5 Lessons Learned From Taking a MOOC

August 19, 2014

MOOC is an acronym for massive open online course. They have emerged over the past few years as a way to provide open education via the web. Typically, a MOOC is free and doesn’t offer credit. Some MOOCs will provide a certificate of completion for a nominal fee. When I first heard about MOOCs, I […]

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