Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – July 2014

by Sharlyn Lauby on July 25, 2014

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I love street art. Not talking vandalism here, but the bold visual images of an artist communicating with the public. This month’s image is from a neighborhood in Miami called Wynwood that is experiencing a renaissance as a design and textile area.

This month’s quick shots are all about change. Whether it’s changing the way we live, do business, or think, change is all around us.

Students at Florida Institute of Technology studied the impact of emoticons in business communications. Will we start seeing Emoji Writing 101 classes soon?

A new way to do research for meetings. Refresh is an app that links with your calendar then searches social media to aggregate information that you can use during your next meeting. If used incorrectly, this could be pretty creepy. But think of the practical business use – sales people can use it before client appointments. Job seekers can use it before interviews.

Monitoring bathroom breaks isn’t how you build employee engagement.

A question for every manager: Would your employees walk off the job to save yours? A group of employees did just that.

This summer’s viral video: “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Word Crimes. I’ve watched it more times that I care to admit. LOL!

And lastly, I’m very excited to be speaking in London this Fall at Tucana Global’s HR Change & Transformation conference. HR Bartender readers can get a discount on registration using this code: CT14SL1. I’ve never been to London before – got any recommendations on places to see, restaurants, etc.? Drop me your London musts in the comments.

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The Importance of Context in Curating Information

by Sharlyn Lauby on July 24, 2014

I spoke at a conference recently and mentioned the idea of social curation. It appeared to be a rather new concept for this particular group.

Effective curation involves consistency. If you’re curating information to help others, they need to be able to rely upon you. Conversely, if you’re following someone because they curate good information, you want them to be consistently good. Please note, I didn’t say perfect. Even great curators are allowed to have an off-day.

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Because there’s so much content in existence, sometimes we need the curator to provide us context. In a recent post about curation learning, I used the analogy of content curation being similar to that of a museum curator. Building upon the museum analogy, I’m reminded of those audio museum tours.

Have you noticed during the tour when the narrator tells a story along with the history for a specific piece of art? And then there are times when they don’t say anything at all. Curation involves knowing when to let the information speak for itself and when offering context is important.

I do believe that content and context offer something different to each person. Just like art speaks to each person in a unique way. Curation forces us to focus on why information is valuable. It’s one thing to say, I enjoy reading something because it makes me think. It’s another to say I enjoy reading something because I always walk away with useful suggestions that I can apply on the job.

Two resources I’m finding very helpful when it comes to curating information are:

curation, curate, context, information, social media, PinterestPinterest – Ever read a magazine and say to yourself, I want to keep this article or image? I know it will be useful to me in the future. Instead of keeping the page, you can post a link to it on Pinterest (called “pinning”). And organize the information into groups (called “boards”)

curation, curate, context, information, social media, LearnistLearnist – Now Pinterest does attract lots of pins about shoes, recipes, and travel. So if you’re concerned it might be too focused on personal activities, check out Learnist. It seems to have a larger focus on professional interests and has been nicknamed “Pinterest for Learning”.

What does this mean for business professionals? First, business pros today need to understand the difference between creating and curating content. One does not necessarily mean the other. And both are important in the business world. But, we’re all required to be good curators when it comes to the information we share with others.

We want to give good information to others. We want to receive valuable information from others. Due to the amount of information available, we’re learning at the same time others are learning from us.

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