I’ll never forget a recruiting assignment I was given during my days at the airline. I had just started working for the company and my boss called. She said, “I need for you to find us a director of in-flight services.” I said, “Sure thing. I only have one question.”

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“What’s a director of inflight services?” We both got a little chuckle out of it. BTW – the position is responsible for the in-flight experience and usually the flight attendant group. But it reminds me that, in recruiting, I have to think like the ideal candidate. Where can I find them? What information do they need?

Today’s infographic, courtesy of Jobvite, has some terrific information about where candidates are on social media. I thought the numbers for Glassdoor and Google+ are noteworthy.

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Social media recruitment continues to gain momentum. The good news is, it’s also gaining some data so we can make smart decisions about where to target our recruiting efforts. Every job opening should not be promoted everywhere. Target the message to the right audience.

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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the HR Technology Conference in (you guessed it) Las Vegas. This is my second year attending the show and I must say the event is quickly becoming one of my “must attend” conferences. If you’re looking to step up your technology game, this is absolutely the place to be.

I will be writing more about my takeaways from the conference, but here are a few initial things I wanted to share.

The next big wearable? Headsets. Organizations with open office floorplans allow employees to wear headsets to block noise. If I’m going to wear a headset for long periods of time, I want it to be the headset I want. I saw some very cool headsets from Jabra during the conference. Be sure to check them out.

Get ready for “mobile” and “analytics” to officially hit the buzzword list. Not because they’re bad but because they will be used a lot. Companies want agility and are looking to mobile to get it. People want data to analyze and make good business decisions. Bersin by Deloitte put together a good list of technology trends from the event. Check out what’s number one and two on the list.

Also in the category of trends, I really enjoyed this article from Jason Averbook at Appirrio about trends in human resources jobs. While I’m not sure I agree with the titles, I’m totally on board with the responsibilities he outlines. HR and content strategy? We do that right now. We just don’t necessarily call it that.

We’ve been talking about video being “big” for years. It might actually be happening. Look for video recruiting to become a much bigger conversation. And don’t equate video recruiting with Skype. I’m not anti-Skype but it’s not the real solution. I really liked some of the things I heard from Montage Talent.

It’s budget time in many organizations right now. If technology is on your development plans for 2015, mark your calendars for October 18-21 in Las Vegas. I’ll see you there!

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