Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – February 2015

by Sharlyn Lauby on February 27, 2015

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I must admit I’m looking forward to the Internet blowing up (figuratively, not literally) on March 14, 2015. It’s Pi Day, a mathematical celebration for the ratio that allows us to compute the circumference of round objects. But this year is different. At exactly 9:26:53 a.m. – it will represent the first ten digits of Pi – 3.141592653.

The Chief Happiness Officer blog is reporting that March 31, 2015 is International Quit Your Crappy Job Day. With employee disengagement continuing to be an issue, don’t be surprised if employees just walk into the office and quit. Employee engagement is more than a business buzzword, it’s a business necessity.

While we spend a lot of time talking about employee disengagement, it’s important to note that there are millions of engaged employees in the workplace. We need to celebrate them. Like Catie Boles. Check out the latest 1 in 100 Million video from our friends at Kronos. As a hospitality professional, I enjoyed her story. Here’s a person who clearly loves her job.

Speaking of loving your job, Quantum Workplace, in partnership with Limeade, recently released a report about health and wellness benefits and their impact on employee engagement. I found it interesting that more than 70% of employees would choose stress-relief breaks as a benefit while less than 30% of employers offer it. I also liked that unlike many research pieces, this one includes best practices, tips, and a quiz for organizations to leverage.

I really enjoyed this article on Lifehacker about taking “micro-retreats” during the workday. Regardless of where you work, this could prove to be a valuable way to clear your head during stressful times.

Lastly, stress impacts us all. We have to find effective ways to manage it. Many people are finding meditation to be helpful, especially with the introduction of meditation apps. I recently had the opportunity to weigh in about employee burnout in this Fast Company article. Hope you’ll check it out.

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How do you manage workplace stress? Leave your tips in the comments.

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A few weeks ago, we ran a poll about professional uniforms. Not the company issued kind, but the idea of wearing the same thing every day (i.e. black turtleneck and jeans a la Steve Jobs). We asked you to weigh in and here’s what you said:

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I must admit that I’m surprised so many people would entertain the idea. I thought people might be hesitant to commit to the same thing every day. It could get boring. But the comments were very honest, mostly about the pressure we’re under when it comes to our attire.

“I hate the stress that comes with trying to dress professionally, yet comfortably.”

“Let’s face it, we’re a society of people who either consciously or subconsciously make snap judgments about others based on how they look.”

“I want to be known for my abilities, my talents, and not for what I’m wearing.”

Some comments did equate wearing a suit with wearing a uniform. As someone who spent the majority of my corporate career wearing a suit, I find myself rebelling against that now that I’m a consultant. I guess if the corporate culture leans toward a dark suit and a solid shirt…then sure, that could be a uniform of sorts. As one person pointed out, it does mean that employees have to find ways to tastefully standout in a crowd. Maybe that’s a pair of eye catching socks, a bold tie, or a piece of statement jewelry.

One thing is clear, people want to be evaluated based upon what they do – not what they wear.

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