Celebrating Your Successes – Friday Distraction

This week ended my Fantasy Football season. I started off the year a little disappointed – being number 9 of 10 teams in the draft. Then I spent a few weeks in 7th place. But my persistence must have paid off because I ended up 1st in the league. Yep, I won. (Insert end zone dance here.)

That’s why I can’t resist sharing this Time Well Spent cartoon from our friends at Kronos.

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The cartoon helped me remember how important it is to celebrate our successes – big and small. We work for every one of our successes. How do you celebrate when you reach a milestone or hit a goal?


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    I had to think about this for a minute (how do I celebrate when I reach a milestone or hit a goal?). Sometimes I have a nice meal out with the family, usually more to celebrate that some stretch of hard work or studying for an exam is over rather than to celebrate the achievement itself! What I do do when I’ve achieved an important goal is immediately set a new goal for myself. I seem to be the happiest and the most focused when I’m working towards something. I function best when I’m under pressure or facing a deadline of some sort.

    All that aside, the most valuable thing I can take away from your post is the importance of celebrating in some small way my employees’ and students’ achievements.

    Terry Portillo
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