What Would You Do With 2 Extra Hours? [infographic]

I certainly could have used a couple extra hours this week. Between the Memorial Day Holiday and getting ready to attend next week’s SilkRoad Connections conference, I’ve been pretty busy.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to be organized. Not only when it comes to the papers on our desk, but in making sure we stay focused. Finding the right information quickly. I’m convinced more than ever, business pros need to learn how to curate information or they will simply find themselves on the losing end of the productivity scale.

Thanks to the folks at Column Five Media for sharing this infographic. What would you do if you had a couple extra hours?

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  1. Brendan says

    I find that work fills the space allotted. Today, the school district in which I work had a 1-hour delay due to fog and I arrived at work at my usual time + 1 hour.

    So, I think that if I have work to do and 8 hours in which to do it then my work will take 8 hours. If I have 10 hours then, somehow, the same work will take 10 hours.