Don’t Mess With Employee Paychecks – Friday Distraction

During my career, I’ve found that employees are (in general) very resilient. They will tolerate unclear communication, changes in policies and procedures with little notice and even the weirdness of management.

But one thing they will not tolerate is having their paycheck messed up. This cartoon from our friends at Kronos captures it beautifully.

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If companies make a mistake on an employee’s paycheck, they need to fix it. Immediately. None of this “wait until the next check run” – employees need their money to pay bills and put food on the table. They’ve earned it! Every organization should strive for perfect paychecks.




  1. says

    Ya you want to see an angry employee, just mess with their money! I did payroll in one of my early jobs for a large hospital. We all dreaded payday because they lined up complaining if their check was wrong. We did fix them all as they came in! And I absolutely agree, “waiting” until next payday is not an acceptable solution!

    Love the cartoon!!

  2. RMSmithJr.SPHR says

    Payroll is the one process that I seriously micromanage. Right now, my payroll administrator is distracted for personal reasons and my HRGeneralists problem solving aptitude needs further development. As the face of HR, my professional pride & reputation is at risk. End of Year is not helping.
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