Don’t Just Assume Job Candidates Are Waiting – Friday Distraction

I just got back from speaking at the Metro Milwaukee SHRM spring conference. It was a great event! I met some super smart HR pros and I learned how to play bocce. Fun!

One thing that struck me during the conference was that every person I talked to mentioned they were hiring. Every. Single. One. Maybe attendees were hiring one person, or three people, some were hiring hundreds. Yes, hundreds. Clearly, it’s a realization that the labor market is shifting.

Today’s cartoon from our friends at Kronos hits the mark. Smart companies are out there looking for talent. They have been all along. Both the talent they need today and the talent they will need in the future. Businesses can’t make the assumption that there’s a room full of job candidates sitting around just waiting for a phone call.

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If people don’t get calls from employers, they will go out and create their own opportunities. Those opportunities could end up being better than any job offer on the market. Then what?