The Time Is Now – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by The Workforce Institute at Kronos, a think tank that helps organizations drive performance by addressing human capital management issues that affect employees. Next Thursday, May 16at 12noon ET, I’ll be co-hosting a TweetChat with the Institute on the Affordable Care Act. Hope you can join us!)

Remember the story of Sisyphus? He was the mythological Greek King who was punished for being untrustworthy by having to push a stone up a hill forever. I like to think of this myth as a story about Karma. Unbecoming behavior eventually catches up.

It might not be full blown trickery but, let’s face it, we’re lying to ourselves when we cut corners. We know we should upgrade our systems but we don’t. Or we should automate a process and we delay it. Eventually our business will pay the price as our friends from Kronos point out in this week’s cartoon.

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The marketplace is changing. Companies are hiring. The Dow Jones hit 15,000 – an all-time high. It’s time to ask ourselves “What have we been putting off?” The last thing a company wants right now is to be stuck pushing a boulder of a project uphill. And believe me – it will seem like an eternity.