4 Competencies for Establishing Cultural Identity [free whitepaper] #HRFL12

A dear friend and awesome colleague is speaking today at the HR Florida Conference and Expo. Kelly Mannel is the principal of ImagePartners Inc., a consultancy focused on building brands through team discovery, planning, process and measurement.

Kelly and I have worked together on several projects. Our latest is a whitepaper titled “Moving Toward Inclusion: 4 Competencies for Establishing Cultural Identity”. You can download the free PDF whitepaper – no registration required – by clicking on the cover image below.

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Successful organizations understand that inclusion is not optional – it’s a business imperative that gives them a competitive advantage with stakeholders at every level: customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Diversity and inclusion are no longer programs within an organization. They are infused within the culture of the company and drive business outcomes.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the whitepaper. And if you’re at HR Florida, check out Kelly’s session later this afternoon. She’s a terrific speaker.