Keeping Data Safe Is Part of Everyone’s Job Description

by Sharlyn Lauby on October 26, 2012

I read an interesting post this week on the Inc. site about companies not doing enough in terms of cyber security. You can check out the article here.

I know it can be tempting to dismiss the idea of a cyber attack. “Oh, I’m a small company. I’m not on anyone’s radar.” So, we fluff it off. The reality?  No matter what size your organization is…you have access to confidential data. Information that someone gave you freely with the expectation that you’ll keep it safe.

That’s why it’s important to figure out a good way to store information. It reminded me of this cartoon from Kronos:

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I’m still trying to figure out how the cloud fits into my business. Anyone out there using the cloud? How’s it working for you? Is it a safer approach? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. – My good friends at Kronos have invited me to attend KronosWorks 2012 taking place next month in Las Vegas. They say it’s “The Worlds Leading Information Exchange” and I’m looking forward to learning all about it. Hope to see you there!


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