Employee Wellness: Give Your Employees Options

Mr. Bartender and I have been talking about our home offices lately. We haven’t updated our furniture in a while – well, except for my Herman Miller office chair – and we think we’re due. Lots of organizations are doing the same. They recognize the value in having a nice office space with good lighting, ergonomic furniture, etc.

But one of the things I’m realizing in the conversations Mr. B and I are having is that we both have different wants and needs when it comes to office space. Obviously, it’s based on the way we like to work. We’re a small company so it’s not a big deal. Large organizations have got to be experiencing the same challenge only on a larger scale. Whether you have two, ten, hundreds, or thousands of employees, not everyone will be equally productive using the same desk or chair.

This also applies to office exercise furniture. You know that, because I work from home, I have office exercise equipment like an under-desk elliptical and a treadmill desk. I’ve written about them before. It might be tempting to think all office exercise equipment is the same. Not true.

I really learned how different office exercise furniture is, and the need to have wellness options, when the good folks at FlexiSpot sent me a Deskcise Pro. It’s a combination standing desk and exercise bike and was selected as an innovation award honoree at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

About the FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro

Let me start by telling you a little bit about the Deskcise Pro and how it works. The desk/bike is easy to assemble and needs no additional tools. It’s on wheels, so you can move it from office to office. The wheels have a gravity sensor, so the wheels won’t roll once someone sits on the bike seat. It also has non-slip pedals.

The Deskcise Pro is very adjustable. The desk surface can be close if you’re reading a book and further away if you’re working on a laptop. It has adjustable tension, depending on how much of a workout you’d like to get. And the seat height adjusts for a comfortable ride. While this video focuses on a home setting, it offers a nice overview of the bike’s features.

One thing the Deskcise Pro doesn’t have is an app. I asked FlexiSpot about this and they mentioned their technology team is currently in the process of designing one, but until then, you can use the LCD display on the bike which provides key performance statistics like mileage, calories burned, and time spent cycling. And of course, you can use your wellness wearable tracking systems (i.e. Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.). 

Not all Bikes are Created the Same

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a bike with a desktop on it. How hard can this be? Well, it’s harder than it looks. I use an under-desk elliptical every day and I’m finding this challenging. In a good way. Not all bikes are the same. They don’t use the same muscles, which is how I came to understand the importance of giving employees choices.

When I first started using the Deskcise Pro, I pedaled for 5-10 minutes a session and worked my way up in time. FlexiSpot doesn’t recommend using the bike for more than 45 minutes in a single workout. Over time, I realized that the bike made me very conscious of my posture and balance. Depending on the tension setting, it can get your heart rate up a little. But not so much that you break a sweat.

How Does a Standing Desk / Bike Fit Into the Work Environment

I’ve been using the Deskcise Pro for a month or so and I could see it complementing office spaces that already have treadmills, ellipticals, etc. Again, it’s not the same. Where I have challenges typing while walking on a treadmill, I’m able to easily type and take notes while using the Deskcise Pro. Great for listening to a webinar or meeting. Typing emails are no problem.

And with the wheels, employees could move it around the office space. You’re not really going to move a treadmill around. The Deskcise Pro can sit in a conference room one day and the employee break room the next. Mr. B and I really like that we can easily wheel it around to a place that works for each of us.

Give Employees Variety in Their Wellness Options

When it comes time to think about the work environment, many things matter. The desks, chairs, lights, etc. all matter. The technology employees use matters. Little things such as having coffee or tea available to employees…matters.

Wellness efforts, such as offering standing desk / bikes, allow employees to work and be productive at the same. If things are stressful, it can provide employees a place to cycle for 15-20 minutes with some headphones on and decompress. And at a price point of less than $500, organizations large and small can show employees they care about everyone’s wellbeing.

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about the FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro, You can also check out their website. Quantity discounts are available.