Why Do Employees Leave An Organization in 2018 [POLL]

I came across an article from Harvard Business Review titled “Why People Really Quit Their Jobs”. It’s an interesting read worth checking out. It reminded me of a Glassdoor survey I saw recently that said voluntary quits are at an all-time high.

We’ve been talking about the shift to a candidate-driven market for quite some time. That’s not a surprise. What does surprise me are the reasons employees are leaving. On one hand, we have organizations reciting the old mantra “People don’t leave jobs; they leave bad managers.” And then, I read this Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) article that says the majority of people leave for money.

I don’t have to tell you that those aren’t the same thing. So, which one is it? We haven’t done a poll in a while. I thought this might be a good question to ask.

If you were to start looking for a new job today, what would be the number one reason to leave?
Since it’s only one question, I hope you’ll take a second to respond. It’s completely confidential. I’ll publish the results in a week or two.

Organizations say that engaging and retaining employees is a top priority. If that’s true, then understanding the reasons that employees may start looking is key.

Image captured by Sharlyn Lauby while exploring the streets of Key West, FL