Bookmark This! 10 Articles that Managers Need to Read

Not that we all aren’t busy, but managers are very busy people. We ask them hire, coach, discipline, and train employees. We ask them to do the work of managing, organizing, and directing the work. We expect managers to do all of this while demonstrating work-life balance and setting a good example for others.

Let’s face it…it’s a very tall order.

So, sometimes we’re not met with enthusiasm when we ask a manager to take it upon themselves to read blogs and books as a form of professional development. But one thing that we could do, is give a manager some guidance about what we do want them to read. For example, here’s a list of the ten most popular posts on HR Bartender related to management development. No single article would take more than ten minutes to read.

The 10 Basic Skills that Every Manager Should Have

There are skills that every employee should have. Managers need those too, plus a few others. These are the 10 basic skills every manager needs to have.

10 Tips for First-Time Supervisors

Many first-time supervisors struggle at first. And it’s understandable. Here are 10 tips for first-time supervisors that will help make you successful.

7 Things New Managers Should Do in the First 6 Months

New managers are often placed in their roles without much – if any – onboarding. Now what? Here are 7 things new managers should do in the first 6 months.

10 Recruiting Tips for First Time Managers

Knowing how to recruit top talent is important. And every new manager need strong recruiting skills. Here are 10 recruiting tips for first time managers.

10 Performance Management Tips for the First Time Supervisor

The first-time supervisor can dread their first performance management task. Here are 10 performance management tips for a first-time supervisor.

10 Activities that Encourage Employees to Take the Lead in Their Development

Managers and employees need to work together to encourage career development. Here are 10 things companies can do for managers and employee development.

HOW TO: Have a Performance Conversation with An Employee

When you need to have a performance conversation with an employee – you need to be prepared. Follow this outline for effective performance meetings.

Overcoming 5 Common Performance Appraisal Biases

Many different kinds of performance appraisal biases can show up during the process. These are five common ones every manager should overcome.

The 10 Habits Great Managers Use to Engage Employees

Managers have a tough job. Great managers use these 10 habits to include every employee in the business. That builds employee engagement.

6 Qualities in a Leadership Role Model

Whether it’s Steve Jobs or Robert Greenleaf, leadership role models have qualities we admire and want to possess. Here are 6 qualities that are frequently found in a leadership role model.

I hope you’ll consider bookmarking this list and sharing it with managers. They can afford ten minutes a day to read one article. If they’re not already doing it, maybe it will spark them to create a RSS, subscribe to some blogs, and read a few books during 2018.

Reading can be a great form of professional development. And a cost effective one as well. It takes getting people excited about learning in this format. Start with short articles then gradually move up to longer reads. It’s the smart thing to do.

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