Employee Well-Being Is a Company Issue

I don’t know that the title of this post is a surprise to anyone. Healthy individuals make for healthy employees. And healthy employees are productive, contributing to the organization’s goals (and bottom-line.)

When we talk about “healthy”, we’re not just referring to physical health. Gallup has one of the best well-being definitions I’ve seen. It’s a great way to view being “healthy” and has five components.

  1. Career: Liking what you do each day. Think of this as job satisfaction.
  2. Social: Having supportive relationships both in your personal and professional life. This includes associations you have with managers and colleagues.
  3. Financial: Managing your economic life. We all know money can be a major source of stress.
  4. Community: Feeling safe and proud of where you live.
  5. Physical: Having the physical energy and good health to get things done.

Organizations are starting to address these individual components of well-being with employee engagement strategies, mindfulness training, and financial literacy classes. I ran across something recently that I wanted to share in the physical health category.

FitKit is a portable fitness program. It comes in two sizes – classic and mini. The classic FitKit includes a jump rope, resistance band, resistance tube, and exercise cards packaged in a neoprene tube for easy storage. The mini includes the resistance band and tube with exercise cards in a mesh bag. FitKit was kind enough to send me these to test drive.

You guys know I travel a lot. But I must admit that I do not like working out in hotel gyms. FitKit gives me the ability to work out in my hotel room. Both kits fit comfortably in my luggage – no excuses! And I really liked the workout plan that Founder and Corporate Fitness Consultant Amie Hoff includes with the kit. I’m one of those exercisers that doesn’t want to figure it out on my own. I leave my FitKit in my luggage, so it’s always there for me.

FitKit can be customized with your company logo. I know a lot of organizations are looking for logo items to give to employees. Many offer rewards in their wellness programs. This might be something to consider.

This year, I saw a lot of people declare 2017 was the year they were going to get into shape and get healthier. Organizations should want their employees to accomplish that goal. And make an investment to help their well-being.

Images captured by Sharlyn Lauby just before working out with her FitKit on the road.