Recipes for #HR Success: Leadership and Navigation

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the competencies (aka recipes) for human resources success. Those topics included:

Ethical Practice

Critical Evaluation

Communication and Business Acumen

Relationship Management and Consultation

IMHO, this final post brings it all together – with the topic of leadership. I believe that the definition of leadership is the ability to influence others. That means that everyone is a leader. Leadership isn’t attached to a group of job titles that sit in the C-Suite.

In order for us to be a good leader, we need to do all of the other competencies we’ve talked about. We must practice ethics so people will trust us. We can’t influence others if they don’t trust us. We need to be able to effectively evaluate business situations and communicate business details. And, in our role as an internal consultant, we can only influence change when we have built positive working relationships.

Leadership is about using our power positively to influence organizational change.


The last thing to remember about leadership is the importance of “paying it forward.” Leadership is about helping others understand how to become effective leaders. Whether that’s by setting the right example or mentoring someone, leaders are not threatened by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Because let’s face it, great leaders want to work with other great leaders.