Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – May 2014

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I can’t resist sharing a photo of the beautiful beaches here in Florida. Mr. Bartender took this photo on a trip to Marco Island a few years ago.

While June marks the start of hurricane season here, it’s also Effective Communications Month. So I thought for this quick shots post, I’d share a few resources that might help your effectiveness.

When we talk about big data, it’s often in the context of recruitment or payroll. But big data has a place in training. ATD (formerly ASTD) shared with me a copy of the new book by Elliott Masie, “Big Learning Data”. It’s a good read and you can check out more here.

You’ve probably heard about the photo messaging app, Snapchat. It allows users to send photos (aka snaps) to a select group for a limited time, then the snap is deleted. Well, have you heard of Confide? It’s an “off the record” messaging app. Check it out here. It deletes messages after they’re read. (Ponder the workplace implications for a second…)

After thinking about Confide, you might be imagining a trip to your happy place. I just discovered Coffitivity. It creates the ambient sounds of a café to boost your creativity. This could be really useful for people who need a little background noise to help them work.

And for those of you who love playing music while you work but haven’t found the right sound, this post might be for you. “The Best Sounds for Getting Work Done” shares the science behind music and concentration.

Oh, and I’m putting together my summer reading list. Got any good books I should add? Leave me a note in the comments. Thanks!

Lastly, today’s marks my 999 post. Wow! Thank you so much for reading and supporting HR Bartender. It means more to me than you’ll ever know. Cheers!


  1. says

    Sweetness in the Belly by Camila Gibb – the refugee experience, the history of Ethiopia/Eritrea and an amazing story.

    The Submission by Amy Waldman – explores all sides of post-911 emotions when a Muslim-American wins the design contest for the on-site memorial. Powerful.

  2. DoubleB says

    Why post an i-Tunes link and assume all reading use apple? If you are a business pro in any way, I highly suggest a window’s phone. Anyway, I’m a fan and I’m not even in HR. I just wish companies (never any app for Window’s phones until way, way, way later) and bloggers wouldn’t assume the rest of the world is an Apple user. IMO Apple stinks!

  3. says

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @Lorel – I’m a huge fan of non-fiction. These are going on my list!

    @May – Big fan of HR Executive Magazine. Thanks for sharing the free link.

    @DoubleB – Sorry ‘bout the iTunes links. I appreciate you being a fan of the blog, and looking past me being an Apple fan. 😉 Hopefully, you can find the same apps for your Windows phone.