Applicant Tracking Systems Aren’t Tech Tools – They’re Partnerships

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is sponsored by The Resumator, the #1 Software-as-a-Service recruiting software for business. They’ve helped over 6,500 companies hire great people using their innovative solutions. That includes both 2012 U.S Presidential candidates – Yep, their campaigns were staffed using The Resumator.) 

Often when we think of technology solutions, we think big. Meaning that only big companies can really benefit from great technology. I believe social media has changed that perception.

Take HootSuite for example. They are a social media management company. The HootSuite dashboard can be used by individuals as well as companies of all sizes. Back in 2008, they were a start-up with a handful of employees. Today, HootSuite has more than 6 million users including 79 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Back in the day, HootSuite only had 20 employees. As they started to grow, they made a very strategic decision. They sought out a partner that was going to help them find employees (aka “Owls”) to build the HootSuite brand nest. Now, you might be saying to yourself, “No CEO is going to buy an applicant tracking system (ATS) with 20 employees.”

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They will when the CEO has a vision to grow the company ten-fold in less than five years. After all, Human Resources needs to be in a position to respond and support the business. Tracking pieces of paper is not the best use of HR’s time. HootSuite decided to partner with The Resumator because they have a very straight-forward process to make hiring easy.

Source – You can attract applicants to open jobs using your website, free job boards, and social media platforms.

Screen – Managers are able to rank, track and discuss resumes to quickly identify qualified applicants.

Interview – Hiring managers can schedule meetings with candidates and easily collect feedback from the recruiting team.

Hire – Recruiting teams can collaborate to compare candidates to select the best person for the job!

Business owners aren’t just looking for elaborate solutions. They want simple solutions that deliver big results. And after speaking with Don Charlton, founder of The Resumator, I understand why small businesses are partnering with them. He’s been there, done that. “I was the lead designer, and our firm was growing fast. Somehow I got put in charge of hiring. Having spent a few years as a deputized hiring manager, I knew there had to be a better way.”

So, Don created The Resumator with small businesses in mind. “At the time, there was no software solution to help small businesses. Everything was geared toward Enterprise sized companies, and that meant expensive and complicated. I later realized just how underserved and neglected the SMB market was with regards to hiring software.”

Ambrosia Humphrey, vice president of human resources at HootSuite, shared their results. “HootSuite has rapidly grown from 20 employees to almost 250 employees in the last year. We quickly found ourselves in search of an applicant tracking system that allowed us to manage our high volume applications and provide customized candidate capturing. The Resumator was a perfect choice. Agile and intuitive, it serves as a strong centralized resource for our collaborative hiring process. It has scaled with us as we continue our hyper growth recruitment.” [see the video]

One thing that impressed me about the HootSuite case study was how The Resumator supported managers who were new to recruiting, but didn’t limit seasoned hiring staff. I know from experience when companies are growing rapidly, they have a tendency to promote the most technically qualified employees. Who may or may not have experience with processes like recruiting. Again, one of those moments where HR’s time is best spent training managers on recruiting…not training managers on technology.

If you’d like to learn more about how HootSuite is partnering with The Resumator to deliver results, check out their case study here (PDF). The Resumator is used by over 6,500 awesome employers including Mashable, Instagram, Warby Parker, and Hubspot. Currently, more than 80 people every day join the workforce through The Resumator.

Oh! And if you’re into FREE stuff (we all are, right?), be sure to download The Resumator’s FREE eBook: David vs. Goliath: How Small Business Can Win the Recruiting Battle and take advantage of their 14-day FREE trial.


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    Hello Sharlyn,

    The Resumator is a great tool, certainly the best in its category. But I don’t think that the single user who does not have the same exposure as Hootsuite would be able to “partner” with The Resumator.

    I am currently building a Recruitment Software and I decided to create the tool that I would have loved to use but could not find, both from a recruiter and a candidate’s point of view. You see, most of the existing ATS are good tech tools (hum, not all!), but none of them allow the parties involved in a recruitment process to actually communicate. I won’t say more because I don’t want to “spam” your comments.

    Anyway, The Resumator is a good software and if I had to recommend one of my competitors, it would be this one.


    Eric Savina recently posted..The day when I invented Dropbox

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    Hi Eric. Thanks for the comment and kind words about The Resumator.

    Partnerships are a two-way street. Anyone looking for a supplier of products and services should really be looking for a “partner”. That’s especially true with technology solutions. The relationship doesn’t end when the technology goes live. In fact, that’s only just the beginning.

    Best of luck with your new venture.

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    Great post, Sharlyn! The idea of providers as partners (or as we say over here, Software AND Services), is a great way to look at business relationships.