Temps Need Training Too – Friday Distraction

If you’ve ever been asked “just to fill in” for someone, this cartoon from Kronos may bring back memories. When someone is on vacation or out sick, the work still needs to get done. That might mean bringing in temporary staff or asking an employee to work in a different role.

Regardless, that person still needs training – temporary or not. This is why cross-training is important. Or bringing temporary staff in a day early for training before someone leaves for a long vacation or extended leave of absence.

Otherwise, you never really know what might happen…

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    The other thing with temps is, if you’re in an industry with kids, make sure you do the background checks. I worked for a pediatric hospital and we hired a temp (6 month gig) and were four months into it when we learned that this person had a history that was not conducive with working with kids. Our bad for not taking the time to screen him.

    And if you’ve ever been a temp (I have) you definitely appreciate someone showing you what to do so you are a little more confident in your job duties!
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