Ask HR Bartender: Veterans Returning To the Workplace

A reader shares a tough situation regarding a veteran:

I recently encountered a situation where a veteran was hired with a firm that took advantage of the tax credit for doing so. She was then released at the end of the fiscal quarter after glowing progress reports. When she asked what she could have done differently, the response was that she is a great worker and was only released due to “fit.”

This is not the first time I have encountered a well-adjusted veteran released from employment after one quarter. Is this a trend or have you seen similar cases?

This scenario poses more questions than answers. So unfortunately, it’s hard to address any specifics. But I did want to share some resources that are available if you want to learn more about hiring veterans.

The men and women who have served in the military have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. They are incredibly talented individuals who can bring a lot of skills and experience to an organization.

Do you know of any other resources that help companies who want to hire veterans? Leave their contact info in the comments.


Joining Forces

Society for Human Resource Management

Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve

US Department of Labor, Veterans Employment & Training

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  1. Emily says

    Another resource is Able Forces, whose mission is to provide career-oriented employment and community-based job preparation training to veterans with significant disabilities, with an emphasis on Wounded Warriors and former military living with physical disabilities, PTS and TBI.
    Contact information: Skip Rogers, Executive Director, Able Forces, Inc.,, (540) 631-9600

  2. says

    I have had the pleasure of speaking with returning veterans as we are offering our no cost career coaching program. It is great to see the support from people who recognize that veterans have so much to offer. If you know of anyone who could benefit from our program, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. Thanks Sharlyn.
    Jen Turi recently posted..Creating An Effective Veteran Resume

  3. NJB says

    I work in Veteran’s Employment as a Case Manager; for employers seeking Veterans I advise two things. 1. go to the Department of Labor Website via this link:
    It is a directory of DOL funded employment programs near you, it will direct you to both federal and state providers of Veterans Services.