Friday Distraction: Working From Home [infographic]

While I work from home every day, not everyone gets that same opportunity. There are many benefits to telework even if it’s only one day a week. So I thought you might enjoy today’s infographic because … well, sometimes pictures and images can sell something quicker than words.

Compliments of Splashtop and Column Five, this infographic tells us all about the new Work from Home Friday movement.

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Maybe this is just the start of something that could be expanded into a more telework-centric scenario. Has your company joined the Work from Home Friday movement? Leave a comment and share your experience!


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    Great infographic! I work from home two, sometimes three, days a week. Our company, in general, has a very flexible work schedule policy. I do find that I am more productive at home. I get to sleep a little later AND I start a little earlier. I get to enjoy the company of my four-leggeds (and little Leroy doesn’t have to spend the day in a crate). When it’s nice outside I can work on the porch and sometimes I will take 20-30 minutes to go for a short walk.

    I do enjoy going in to the office as well though. At a previous company I worked from home every day and some days I would find myself going to Target at lunch just to see other humans. Occasionally I would find myself getting annoyed with my husband – he would come home at 8pm from a long day in the office and just want to stay in and I was ready to GET OUT!

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    Thanks for the comment Ginger! When I first started consulting, someone told me it would take 2 years to get used to working at home. Looking back, it probably took me almost that. I love the flexibility it offers. But as you mentioned, it has it down sides too.

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    Wonderful infographic Sharlyn !Great insight….. I love my employer most because of the reason that it has provided me with the flexibility of Friday WFH..