In addition to being a published author, Sharlyn is an in-demand speaker, hr, human resources, business, leadership, workplace powerspeaker who enjoys sharing her work experiences to HR and business audiences throughout the world. She has presented on strategic planning at the Annual Conference of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  She’s been one of the top speakers at HR Southwest for three years running and was rated one of the top speakers at SHRM’s Employment Management Association conference.  Her workshop on human resources metrics was one of a handful selected to be featured as an on-line learning program for SHRM.

Named one of the Top 25 Digital HR Influencers, Sharlyn is also a leading advocate of social media in the workplace and appears at events as a member of the HR blogging community.  She’s a regular contributor to Mashable, the leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation, with more than 20 million monthly unique visitors.


Sharlyn can speak on a wide variety of workplace issues but here are some of her most popular topics:

Employee Engagement. Today’s organizations must develop engaged employees, supervisors and managers. The leadership and direction that has been traditionally provided by hierarchy must now come from the individual. To work effectively in the radically transformed organizational environment of today and tomorrow, employees, manager and teams must become self-managing.

Strategic Planning. Successful organizations plan for their success because, without proper planning, they will fail. Customer expectations, market supply and demand, competitors and other factors in the business landscape change all the time. A strategic plan provides business and operational strategies to meet these changing market conditions.

Ethical Use of Power in the Workplace. Everybody has power. No more modesty and “Oh me?! I don’t have any power.” It’s simply not true. Business leaders need to recognize the kinds of power they possess and how to use it ethically and effectively. This session will cover the different examples of power in the workplace, how individuals assess their own power and tips for using workplace power in a responsible fashion.

Also: Leadership and Management, Measuring HR Effectiveness, The Business of Human Resources and Workplace Social Media

What People Are Saying

Sharlyn has been a presenter two years in a row for our conference. I’ve attended her informative sessions, each receiving highly positive feedback. Her professional speaking style keeps attendees thoroughly engaged and wanting more. An excellent leader in the human resources profession.


Sharlyn is a dynamic and extremely well-informed speaker, and has zeroed in on the heart of any HR question I have asked her. She is honest, forthright and savvy about the complex, inter-connected world of business and personal communications we all experience today.

Brief Bio

A Stevie Award winner for Best Business Blog, Sharlyn has been named one of the “Heavy Hitters in Human Resources” speaker, speaking, hr, human resources, business, leadership, professionaland the top ten “Excellence in Human Resources” recipients as compiled by theSouth Florida Business Journal.  She is a recipient of the Human Resources Professional of the Year Award presented by the Human Resource Association of Broward County and she’s received the Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur award, which recognizes women business owners for their community contributions.

Sharlyn believes in giving back to her profession and community. She’s currently a member of SHRM’s Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility special expertise panel. Previously, she represented the Southeast US and Caribbean as the speaker, human resources, hr, business, speaking, presenter, leadershipMembership Advisory Council representative of SHRM and was the president of HR Florida, the statewide SHRM affiliate that represents over 15,000 human resources professionals. Sharlyn also served by appointment from former Governor Jeb Bush on the Governor’s Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities.

Sharlyn has earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) credential from the Society for Human Resource Management and is one of approximately 1500 people worldwide recognized as a Certified Professional in Learning Performance (CPLP) from the American Society for Training and Development.

You can download her full bio here.


To find out Sharlyn’s available speaking dates, please contact us at 954.659.2237 or via email cheers@hrbartender.com