Why Job References are Important – Part 2 – Ask #HR Bartender

September 14, 2014

In part one of this series about references, Heather Bussing shared with us the legalities associated with references. Today, I want to focus on how to best use references during a job search. Because the reference process isn’t going away. We need to be educated on the best way to select and use references. Jacqui […]

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Viva Las Vegas and #HRTechConf – Friday Distraction

September 12, 2014

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m attending Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. Well, the conference organizers sent me a promo code so you can attend and get the best rate possible. Just use BARTENDER14 to save $500 off the onsite rate. Act quickly, because the code expires on Monday, September […]

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The Impending Leadership Crisis

September 11, 2014

I’m getting ready to attend this year’s Human Resource Technology Conference in Las Vegas. Let me know if you plan to attend – would love to see you there. And if you’re not going, you can check out the details here. But planning for this year’s trip reminded me of a comment made at last […]

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Organizational Charts Shouldn’t Be a Secret

September 9, 2014

I recently heard this conversation that (no offense) struck me as odd. It was about organizational charts. First, in case you didn’t know, organizational charts (aka org charts) are a visual depiction of the organization’s structure. Basically, it outlines who reports to whom. Here’s an example of a SmartArt org chart from Microsoft PowerPoint: The […]

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Why Job References Are Important – Part 1 – Ask #HR Bartender

September 7, 2014

I received an interesting note from a reader asking how to handle someone providing a bad reference. It’s a great question. References are a part of the hiring process. But they’re a part we really don’t control. Well, except for providing the names and contact info. The rest is between human resources and the reference. […]

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A Little Mystery is Fine – Friday Distraction

September 5, 2014

In the past, readers have asked about managing employee restroom behavior. Frankly, it’s a touchy subject. Employees who spend too long in the bathroom or visit what appears to be more than a typical number of times. But what happens if an employee is using their restroom time in a productive way? Productive for the […]

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Leadership Isn’t About Your Attire

September 3, 2014

Hope you don’t mind but I have to brag a little today. I’m delighted to be quoted in this month’s issue of Real Simple magazine along with friends Jessica Miller-Merrell and Rachelle Falls. The topic: office attire. While I’m quoted talking about some of the outrageous things I’ve seen people wear to work, I think […]

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