Staying Relevant Isn’t Optional – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos, who help organizations across a variety of industries manage their most valuable, and expensive asset – their workforce.  Be sure to check out their thought leadership series on YouTube.)

In today’s business world, there’s a fine line between being an early adopter and staying relevant.

We don’t have to be early adopters. Some individuals and companies want to be early adopters. They like it and they thrive on it.

What’s important is to understand when an idea, concept or item goes from being in the early adopter phase to the relevant stage.

This goes for data too. Today’s Time Well Spent cartoon reminds us how important it is to stay on top of current data in the cartoon below.

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The old work rules are being challenged. The career advice we might have given someone 5 years ago may not apply today. And the current business environment will not be the business world 5 years from now. Frankly, the business world today won’t be the same 12 months from now.

Ask yourself: What are you and your company doing to stay relevant in this fast-paced world?


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    Hi Mark. Thanks for the comment. Totally agree about early adoption. I do find myself at least testing things out, see if I like it and then decide where it fits with all the other things I’m doing. At some point though, I have to ask myself how many new things can I effectively try out at one time – and carry forward into my business.