100 Cups of Coffee (Or Tea): The New Business Strategy

by Sharlyn Lauby on February 14, 2013

It was over lunch with a group of fellow consultants and speakers, where one of them mentioned a phrase that stuck with me – 100 cups of coffee. It was a reference to meeting people, spending time, and building relationships. Over coffee. Or in my case, tea (since I gave up coffee almost a year ago).

Now, you might be saying – 100 is a lot. But, is it really? It’s 9 days a month. Comes to about twice a week.

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Shouldn’t we be able to find enough time for two cups of coffee with a friend or colleague? Think of what we might be able to accomplish if we set a goal of meeting twice a week.






What if our business goal for the year was to have 100 cups of coffee tea?

I think this is a very cool concept. We talk all the time about the importance of networking and building relationships. But really don’t quantify it. 100 cups of coffee – it’s a quantifiable term. We can now measure the impact of our efforts.

For example, what if we learned one thing during each “cup of coffee” meeting? It might be something about another person. It could be something about ourselves. Possibly something about our business or profession. After each meeting, we wrote down the one thing we learned.

After 100 cups of coffee, think of list you’d have and how valuable that list would be.

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