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by Sharlyn Lauby on June 21, 2013

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Hurricane season has begun here in South Florida. It’s hard to believe that just last month some parts of the country were getting snow! And our thoughts are still with people in Oklahoma as they recover from devastating storms. Regardless of where you are, it raises a good question, “Are your employees prepared for a weather emergency?” While weather disasters are not a laughing matter, this cartoon from Kronos did make me smile.

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I remember years ago worrying about paychecks arriving on time because of a freak snowstorm. Our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) said employees had to get paid on a certain day by a certain time. The controller and I spent several hours putting together a plan to cut hundreds of manual checks to meet the terms of the CBA and keep the employees happy. Luckily, we didn’t have to.

Another point about paychecks and weather. Many of us are accustomed to using a credit or debit card for all purchases. Not carrying around any cash. During a weather emergency, if the electricity goes out…so does the ability to pay for stuff using electronic means. We have to keep this top of mind when faced with extreme weather.

One of the best things companies can do is educate employees about how to stay safe during a weather emergency. It could be as simple as distributing a website address that explains what to do. The more secure employees feel about the safety of their home and family, the more they will be able to focus on their work.


Tanya June 21, 2013 at 3:03 pm

Great ideas! Staying safe during creepy weather is so important. Getting paid when you really need it when something terrible has happened is a plus ;)
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Devan June 24, 2013 at 12:37 pm

One of the companies I used to work for still cut checks (and still do) instead of direct deposit. It was so frustrating to have to go to the bank to get paid (until mobile checking came about), and double wammy — they were on a weekly accounting system, too.

If the weather was awful, I’d wait until the next day to go. (I tried desperately to persuade them to switch to direct deposit with no avail) And because the business owners had to sign all the checks, they would have to work around business trips and vacations to be able to sign paychecks.

But the only way employees could get paid was if they were able to physically pick up their paycheck, and the business owners were there to sign it. It was inefficient and frustrating as an employee! And in Chicago, it’s not just weather you have to worry about the office closing for — when NATO was here, half the businesses had their employees work from home the whole week, so if it was pay-day-week, unless you had direct deposit, you didn’t get paid. I totally second you on finding ways to make sure your employees get paid whether there’s a hurricane or disaster!
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