Spend Your Recruiting Dollars Where the Action Is [infographic]

by Sharlyn Lauby on December 18, 2012

(Editor’s Note: Today’s infographic is sponsored by SilkRoad, a leading provider of cloud-based social talent management software. Their social collaboration software, Point, was named Best New Product of the Year by press and industry analysts. Congrats on their achievement and enjoy the post!)

We often talk about getting the most bang for the buck, but do we really know where the “bang” exists? For example if you asked me what website gets over a million new job listings each month, I would have never guessed Craigslist.

It’s a reminder that when we’re recruiting, we need to take a detailed look at the user statistics for the site to make sure it’s the right tool for our needs. Just because a site is popular doesn’t make it the best place to post a job. The details of the job – and the subsequent posting – need to match the details of the site.

One other thing I noticed in this infographic were the statistics each site had in common. Check out the education, income and age sections. Job boards are not an exclusive tool. We need to use them in concert with other recruiting tools to make sure openings are distributed to a larger audience.

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Does the data in this infographic surprise you? Let me know your thoughts.


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