Managers’ Success Tied to Succession Planning [infographic]

(Editor’s Note: Today’s infographic is sponsored by SilkRoad, a major player in worldwide social technology. They were recently given kudos by prominent consulting firm Bersin & Associates for taking social collaboration to a new level. Be sure to check out their software buyer’s kits to learn everything you need to know about buying HR software.)

Earlier this week, I was conducting a training session and one of the participants asked “How can a manager tell when they’re successful?” Good question! I immediately thought of this succession planning infographic from our friends at SilkRoad.

The number one goal of any manager should be to find and develop their replacement. Typically, this isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes a long time to find your successor and get them ready to assume that role. If managers don’t make finding their replacement a priority, they’ll never get to go off and do “cool stuff” – those things that will ultimately help them get ahead.

So if you’re a manager…and you have career aspirations…ask yourself “What am I doing to make sure someone is able to take my job when I’m ready to get promoted?” Check out the list of in-demand soft skills on the infographic.

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