The Vote on Health Care and the Future of Work

by Sharlyn Lauby on March 21, 2010

Yesterday, Krista Ogburn Francis penned a post titled “HR Bloggers Silence on Health Care Reform“.  It’s an excellent  read and I suggest you check it out.

Please keep in mind that just because there’s a vote on health care reform today, it doesn’t mean the discussion is over.  For me, today’s vote is historic because it means the conversation will continue.

I’ve written before about health care.  Do your homework.  Have an opinion.  Get involved.  This legislation impacts us all.

Here’s my two cents on the pending health care legislation.  Is the bill perfect?  No.  Is it a start?  Yes.

Being a consultant, I pay for 100% of my insurance premiums as well as everything the insurance company doesn’t pay for.  Would I like to see a reduction in insurance costs?  You betcha.  People should not have to go broke in order to seek basic medical attention.  This has been one of the foundations of the reform bill.

I know it’s the weekend.  And March Madness is in full-swing.  Some might say health care debates are boring.  But boring or not, this is important.  Keep one eye or ear on the health care happenings.  It will definitely impact our future and the future of work.

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